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Granite Financial


George Fee

George R Fee - Dip PFS IMC

George is Managing Director of Granite and has amassed a wealth of experience working with many of the UK's leading financial practitioners. He is expert in the key areas of pre and post retirement strategies, investment management and innovative tax planning for private clients.

"After over two decades of practising in London I decided to create a local consultancy with the aim of providing a source of reliable and dependable counsel for clients. It became apparent that if we could deliver consolidated information and technical support this would be well received - this we do".

George is supported by a small, well qualified, professional and highly motivated team who are always available to meet clients face to face. Client numbers are controlled to ensure that our professional yet friendly way of operating is available to those we feel can receive significant added value.

Financial Planning & Advice

How We Work

We attempt to satisfy our clients requirements taking due consideration to their investment risk tolerance and represent our client in all negotiations and offerings to implement agreed strategies.

We charge fair and transparent fees, similar to other professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants.

Our initial discussion is free of charge and without obligation, with no charges accruing until you have agreed them with us and signed a fee agreement detailing the services we will provide and how much they will cost.

We recognise that our prosperity is assured by putting our client's interest before all others and by conducting our business accordingly and that our reputation for honesty, integrity, high performance and professionalism can only be maintained by taking a long-term view on both our clients and business proposals.

Our continued prosperity will always be linked to our ability to respond positively to change which we see as an opportunity and not something to be feared. 

Understanding our client's aspirations is paramount. We work with clients and their professional advisers to examine and establish their needs. Regular reviews will take place on an agreed frequency.