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Granite Financial





'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.' Benjamin Franklin




A combination of quantitative and qualitative research enables us to deliver information to allow you to make smarter decisions about your investments. We use investment management strategies that have been extensively researched and refined to work in all market conditions. They are designed to withstand the constant fluctuations in the market.

Once the strategies are implemented we closely monitor the asset allocation and measure the performance of the portfolio to ensure that it remains true to your long-term goals and appetite to risk.


We meet with you on a regular basis to report on your portfolio's performance, make any adjustments as needed and answer your questions. Through this close contact we are able to keep you on track to reap the rewards that a structured, disciplined and long-term approach can deliver.

Our proactive approach to investment ensures we are constantly striving to identify and analyse the next source of value for our clients.